The main services provided by Sustainable Directions Pty Ltd are in the area of ENVIRONMENT and SAFETY. These services are provided via structured online programs, online training courses, books and in-house workshops.


Small GREEN Steps

We are committed to helping organisations of all sizes embed sustainable practices across their business. In particular we provide assistance to early childhood learning services to help them meet their National Quality Framework sustainability requirements. We have developed the Small GREEN Steps program, a 40-step online program that is completed by child care centres as a whole. There are four levels in the program, each containing 10 steps. There is no timeframe to complete the program and can be done in your own time and at your own place. Approximately 1,000 early learning services across Australia and UK have participated in the program in recent years.




Small SAFE Steps

We are committed to helping organisations of all sizes embed Work Health and Safety practices across their business. We have developed the Small SAFE Steps program in a similar format to the Small Green Steps program, to help early childhood learning services meet their WHS Act 2011 and National Quality Framework safety requirements.  The 40-step self paced program is completed by the Centre as a group and certificates are awarded on completion of each of the four levels.






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