We provide SAFETY services to early learning services, family day care centres, out of school hour services, schools, non-profit organisations and small business operations. We believe that children will grow into responsible adults by recognising risks but at the same time they need a safe environment to work, play and develop.

We are the owners and developers of the Small SAFE Steps program. This program was developed after feedback from childcare centres, seeking a program that would help them meet their safety requirements. Small SAFE Steps is a cost effective online safety membership program developed specifically for early childhood services in Australia.  The 40-step program is completed by the Centre as a group and has been designed to provide you with all you need to meet your obligations under the WHS Act 2011 and Standard 2.3 of the National Quality Standard.  There is no timeframe to complete the SMALL SAFE STEPS program but most childcare services participating generally complete the program over 12 months. 

We also implement and manage comprehensive WHS Management Systems for schools, non-profit organisations and small business from various sectors. The WHS Management systems are custom built to meet business requirements but generally include the development of a:

  • Safety Commitment statement
  • Safety Policy
  • Staff WHS safety committee
  • Hazard Report
  • Hazard Correction Report
  • Accident reporting and investigation
  • Safety inspection process
  • Crisis Management Policy and emergency procedures
  • Risk Management process
  • Corporate Risk Register
  • Training needs analysis
  • Induction training workbook
  • Refresher training workbook
  • Safe Work Method register

We can visit your workplace and deliver safety workshops on a range of WHS areas. This can include safety induction workshops for new staff that include mandatory training on emergency procedures. Refresher safety training is also available on general WHS issues and specific Small SAFE Steps workshops can be delivered at your workplace at a time and day that suits your business needs. Child and Student protection training is referred to IN SAFE HANDS, one of Australia’s most reputable training companies in this area. First Aid, CPR and Restraint Training can also be organised through other alliance partners.

Through a series of agents, we can undertake safety inspections at your premises. These inspections are followed by a detailed report that contain recommendations to correct areas of non-compliance.