We provide enviro services to early learning services, family day care centres, out of school hour services, schools, non-profit organisations and small business operations. We believe that climate change is man-made and it is the responsibility of all individuals, organisations and governments to play our part in reducing carbon emissions on a global scale for the sake of future generations. We also believe that there are other pressing environmental issues such as plastic pollution, energy conservation and waste management that need to be addressed on a local basis. We believe that early childhood educators can play an important role in teaching children an appreciation of nature and the environment to grow into responsible leaders of the future. To achieve this goal - we have developed the following resources that are all available from our ONLINE SHOP:

Level One provides you with all you need to establish a sustainability framework at your Centre including:

- Announcing your objectives

- Handling objections

- Forming a Green Team

- Terms of Reference

- Enviro activities for Children

- Creating a Commitment Statement

- Creating an Enviro Policy

- Enviro resources for staff

- Green Team meetings.

Level Two provides you with all the information you need to reduce your WASTE including:

- Tracking your waste

- Waste Management REFUSE

- Waste Management REDUCE

- Waste Management REUSE

- Waste Management REPURPOSE

- Waste Management RECYCLE

- Litter Pick Ups

- Plastic Free Lunches

- Chickens, Composting & Worm Farms.

Level Three includes information on:

- Creating an Edible Garden 

- Sustainable Playgrounds 

- Engaging Parents in sustainability

- Tree Planting 

- Enviro learning resources for Children 

- Tracking Electricity use 

- Energy Efficiency 

- Tracking Water use 

- Water Saving.

Level Four provides you with information on:

- Conducting a Sustainability Inspection

- Sustainable HR practices 

- Solar PV 

- Sustainability of main supplies 

- Sustainability review of key suppliers 

- Hosting a sustainability event 

- PR opportunities 

- Car Free Day 

- Continual Improvement.

Four short enviro courses are now available to purchase through our ONLINE STORE. The courses should take around 2 hours to complete and qualify for Professional Development. Certificates are issued to participants in their own name on completion of a simple test.  The courses are consistent with the information contained in the Small Green Steps program and can be undertaken individually by Educators, Trainee Educators or anyone working in the childcare sector.  The courses available are:

- Sustainability for Educators

- Plastic Pollution

- Supporting Children in Sustainability

- Energy Efficiency for Educators.



We offer a number of books that are aimed at both children and adults, written by Tony Innes the creator and founder of the Small GREEN Steps program. 'Archie Cleans up the Beach' is the first in a planned series of four enviro books aimed at children aged 3 to 7. 'The Enviro Educator' is aimed at educators, teachers and parents of young children who want to gain a basic understanding of the environmental risks facing the next generation.  The printed books are available in hardcover/softcover versions and are delivered to everywhere in Australia.  The printed books are available in most other countries via AMAZON. The e-Book versions are available worldwide and are sent to you in PDF format that allow easy access from a laptop, tablet or smart phone.