We provide SUSTAINABILITY services to early learning services, family day care centres, out of school hour services, schools, non-profit organisations and small business operations. We believe that climate change is man-made and it is the responsibility of all individuals, organisations and governments to play our part in reducing carbon emissions on a global scale for the sake of future generations. We also believe that there are other pressing environmental issues such as plastic pollution, energy conservation and waste management that need to be addressed on a local basis. We believe that early childhood educators can play an important role in teaching children an appreciation of nature and the environment to grow into responsible leaders of the future.

We are the owners and developers of the Small GREEN Steps program, a cost effective online sustainability membership program developed specifically for early childhood services in Australia.  The 40-step program is completed by the Centre as a group and has been designed to provide you with all you need to embed sustainable practices across your service and meet the National Quality Framework environmental objectives. There is no timeframe to complete the SMALL GREEN STEPS program but most childcare services participating generally complete the program over 12 months. Membership of the program includes:

We have developed a number of on-line short sustainability training courses in a partnership with childcare training specialists IN SAFE HANDS.  The courses take around 2 hours to complete and qualify for Professional Development. Certificates are issued to participants in their own name. The courses are consistent with the information contained in the Small Green Steps program and can be undertaken individually by Educators, Trainee Educators or anyone working in the early childhood learning sector. The online short courses are:

A series of four electronic books are now available world-wide written by the creator of the Small Green Steps program. These books can be downloaded to an I-Pad, smart phone or laptop to allow you to learn more about sustainability in your time and at your own pace. The e-books include great environmental tips and activities that you can introduce with children.

Depending on your location, internal Small GREEN Steps workshops may be held at your premises. The workshops will guide you through all levels of the program and also address other environmental topics such as Plastic Pollution and Recycling. These workshops can be held after hours or at weekends to suit your business needs.